There are two ways we can work together

Ongoing Retainer

If you need continuous creative and graphic design support, a monthly retainer is probably your most affordable solution. As expected, in exchange for a monthly flat fee, a retainer reserves a set amount of my time each month that I dedicate to you and your clients' projects.

To get started, schedule a Skype call with me. We'll discuss your projects and ongoing needs. Afterwards, I'll create a retainer proposal and if you agree, we're ready to roll!

schedule a skype call

Per Project Basis

Although I prefer to form ongoing creative and professional relationships with my clients, you may only need support for a single project. Or perhaps you want to test the waters before setting up a retainer with me. Either way, I can work on a per-project basis.

To get started simply schedule a Skype call so I can learn about your project requirements. After the call, I'll create a project proposal. If you agree, we can get started!

schedule a skype call

How does this work?

I want to work with you as partners to help you shine with your clients!

If we decide to work with one another, it will be my goal that you consider me a valuable asset and resource for your business.I want to be your partner, where both of our goals is working to help your clients shine and grow their business.

How can we accomplish this?

I can bring a specific set of skills that your agency or firm is currently lacking.

I can help you bring an additional capacity to your business when you're queue and work calendars are full.

I can also help you by doing the parts of projects you'd rather not do because you want to focus on YOUR talents and strengths.