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Why I opted to create 300 logos and not 1000

“Hey, I need a high quality logo!” “Can I have a unique logo for my restaurant!” “I want a creative logo for my dental clinic!” Call them requests or orders from the clients, but such high are the expectations – and that’s one thing common for sure! Did you ask money? Well, the best is,…

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How Design Can Lift up Marketing Campaigns

Speaking high on promotions but compromising on the values? Well, you are just being martyrs at the drop of the hat. Step an extra bit to leave a lasting impact. You ask how? Here’s what you can follow: Design communicates brand voice If you are expecting customers to march to the beat of your drums, your…

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Video Tip: Creating Custom Icons in Adobe Indesign

This week, I am going to show you how you can create custom icons using Indesign tool. Please watch this video and let me know if you like this. Thank you!  

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How to create vector illustration using image – Video

Hey friends, This week I’m gonna share a quick video with you. This video tells you how you can create a premium quality vector illustration using the pen tool in illustrator. I bet you’ll love it. Originally, I have taken 10 minutes to create this illustration but I believe there are other people who are faster…

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How I make Samosa Alien | Video

Hi, Friends! I enjoying doodle in my free day time. Many people loved to see when I converted a Samosa to the Alien. Here is the video which shows you how I created this using Photoshop brush tool. You should try next time when you eat Samosa 🙂  

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Designing Your Own Online Avatar in Illustrator | Video

Here is another video I created for you. In this video, you’ll know the better way to design your own online avatar using adobe Illustrator (any version). Using shape and pen tool you can create your avatar quickly. Helpful video tips for beginners. Let me know if you like it ?  

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How to create a beautiful poster quickly in illustrator – Video

In this video, using shape and pen tool you can create an amazing poster quickly. Helpful video tips for beginners. Let me know if you like it 🙂  

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How To Make Better Type Setting | Video

I’ve started now sharing my knowledge through short videos. I really hope this will help the beginners to sharpen their design skills.  

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